Human sight at 1000x while looking into the mirror

Human sight at 1000x while looking into the mirror

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I noticed that my eyeballs have the ability to see in what appears to be 1000x. Setting the conditions: Look into a mirror while in a well lit room. (for me the lighting in my living room as opposed to the bathroom was not as direct and offered a better focus) Position your face with your nose touching the mirror. Look at the twinkle of light that reflects off your eyeball. Stay focused on that twinkle with both eyes. Now, pull your face away from the mirror in order to focus your vision. Position that twinkle of light directly to the center of your eyeball.
At this point that twinkle of light starts to look like a patch of cells under a microscope. My left and right eye are different images. My question: Am I looking at the cellular array that makes up my retina? Eric McBrearty

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