Is this a deathstalker?

Is this a deathstalker?

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I caught a scorpion in my house and wondering if it is a deathstalker? This was caught in Central Asia Northern Tajikistan.

No, it is not a "Deathstalker". The members of the Genus Leiurus are what are commonly referred to as the "Deathstalkers". I do not like using vernacular or common names as they can be too broad in iverlap for multiple species and so to avoid confusion and for clarity utilize Genus and where can be determined species and subspecies. The scorpion you found appears to be a member of the Genus Mesobuthus. While superficially similiar to Leiurus sp., the pedipalps in Mesobuthus are shorter and more bulbous… among several other features.

In 2018 there was a good paper on Mesobuthids in that region. A quick google scholar search should provide you sites for the paper to be viewed at.

  • Revision of the Mesobuthus caucasicus Complex from Central Asia, with Descriptions of Six New Species (Scorpiones: Buthidae)

Deathstalker (series)

The Deathstalker series of science fiction novels, by British author Simon R. Green, was written during the 1990s and early 2000s. Although referred to by a single name, the series consists of two major episodes (each dealing with a different member of the Deathstalker Clan), and other associated novels providing a backstory to the characters and events of the Deathstalker universe.

The first episode, comprising five books, tells the story of how Owen Deathstalker, reluctant heir to the ancient Deathstalker name and minor historian, came to lead a galactic rebellion against the powerful and corrupt empire in which he lives. The second episode is set 200 years after the first, and follows Lewis Deathstalker, a distant relative to Owen. Three additional novels, eventually republished as an anthology, act as a prequel of sorts - although they contain no mention of the Deathstalker family they expand on other important characters and provide further insight into the workings of the empire.

Comparison Table (Deathstalker Vs Black Widow)

Characteristics Deathstalker Black widow
Geographical location They are found in the Middle East and North Africa. They are found in every continent except Antarctica.
Venom Their stings carry low doses of venom hence not fatal. Their stings carry very high doses of venom hence very deadly.
Behavior They are aggressive. They are timid and not aggressive.
Color They are yellow in color. Their color ranges from orange, red-black, white, and brown.
Gestation period It is between 122 to 127 days. It is between 20 to 30 days.
What they feed on They feed on other insects including centipedes, other scorpions, spiders, worms, crickets, and grasshoppers. They feed on other spiders, lice, millipedes, centipedes, and other arachnids.
Habitats They under rocks or in abandoned burrows. They spin their webs in dark sheltered spots close to the ground.
Lifespan Lives between 4 to 25 years. They live between 1 to 2 months for males and 3 years for female

24. Mountain Goat

Here’s a creature that wouldn’t have a potential for success against quite a bit of this rundown on level ground, or even in your run of the mill mountain climate. However, simply attempt to chase a mountain goat on the most noteworthy, rockiest pinnacles and perceive how well that goes. These are the world’s best stone climbers and hence some really slippery prey. Their cloven feet have a cushioned base to hold on day off, and particularly rock faces, even ones that seem, by all accounts, to be difficult to climb. Mountain goats (which, coincidentally, are in reality more firmly identified with pronghorns than goats) can bounce 12 feet and are adjusted to both high-height and low temperatures. They additionally have cool whiskers.

2. Deathstalker Scorpion (Leiurus Quinquestriatus)

Scientific Name: Leiurus quinquestriatus

Habitat: The deathstalker scorpion&aposs range covers a wide sweep of territory in the Sahara, Arabian Desert, Thar Desert, and Central Asia, from Algeria and Mali in the west through to Egypt, Ethiopia, Asia Minor and the Arabian Peninsula, eastwards to Kazakhstan and western India.

Descriptive Info: The deathstalker scorpion has a dangerous sounding name, and no wonder, because it is definitely one of the most dangerous scorpions in the world. Its venom is highly toxic, and if stung, the victim will likely never forget the excruciating pain it delivers.

The symptoms of a deathstalker sting include an increased heartbeat, high blood pressure, and even convulsions and coma. It may even cause death to small children or unhealthy adults.

It is not advisable to have these scorpions as pets. The reason why is because these scorpions are very aggressive, and become very agitated when confined in a small cage.

It is highly advised to seek medical attention if somebody gets stung by these scorpions.

It is sometimes very hard to identify them, because their color varies depending on where they live. They usually are yellow or green, and due to their elastic-like appearance, it has been pointed out that they look almost like toys.

So please make sure before you pick up a "toy" scorpion! It might not actually be a toy, but a deadly deathstalker!

Arabian Fat-Tailed Scorpion

22. Bald-Faced Hornet

Hornet stings are known to be painful, so it should not surprise you at all to see one or more listed. However, the Bald-Faced Hornet holds a special place on the pain index scale. You can find them all over North America, meaning no climate is truly free of them. However, they tend to have a higher population count the further South you get. The bald-faced hornet lives in North America, including Canada, the Rocky Mountains, the western coast of the United States, and most of the eastern United States. It is most common in the southeastern United States.

[Image via] They are known for being great for population control as they hunt and kill other insects. Yet due to this predatory nature, they can be quite paranoid and defensive of their territory. As a result of their territorial ways, they do not mind going after humans and stinging the crap out of them. They do not tend to kill many people with one sting but the pain is incredibly intense.

[Image via Shutterstock/Hway Kiong Lim]

Deathstalker scorpion venom could improve gene therapy for brain cancer

An ingredient in the venom of the "deathstalker" scorpion could help gene therapy become an effective treatment for brain cancer, scientists are reporting. The substance allows therapeutic genes -- genes that treat disease -- to reach more brain cancer cells than current approaches, according to the study in ACS Nano.

Miqin Zhang and colleagues note that gene therapy -- the delivery of therapeutic genes into diseased cells -- shows promise for fighting glioma, the most common and most serious form of brain cancer. But difficulties in getting genes to enter cancer cells and concerns over the safety and potential side effects of substances used to transport these genes have kept the approach from helping patients.

The scientists describe a new approach that could solve these problems. Key ingredients of their gene-delivery system are chlorotoxin, the substance in deathstalker scorpion venom that can slow the spread of brain cancer, and nanoparticles of iron oxide. Each nanoparticle is about 1/50,000th the width of a human hair. In tests on lab mice, the scientists demonstrated that their venom-based nanoparticles can induce nearly twice the amount of gene expression in brain cancer cells as nanoparticles that do not contain the venom ingredient. "These results indicate that this targeted gene delivery system may potentially improve treatment outcome of gene therapy for glioma and other deadly cancers," the article notes.

Story Source:

Materials provided by American Chemical Society. Note: Content may be edited for style and length.


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Interesting Facts

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Groups and organizations

The Clan system

Many major characters throughout the Deathstalker universe are members of one clan or another. Clans, in the Deathstalker universe, run major operations (such as Stardrive factories), own worlds (such as Virimonde), and engage in rivalries and intrigue. Major clans, such as the Wolfes, the Campbells, and the Shreks, are run by enigmatic leaders with fortunes beyond compare. Many of them have "Pastel Towers" on the homeworld of the Empire, Golgotha.

  • Campbell - The head of the family is Crawford the heir is Finlay. Other major Campbells include Finlay's cousin, Robert, and Finlay's wife, Adrienne. In the first Deathstalker novel, the Campbells provided the Empire with incredibly advanced technology (which was acquired from the Rogue AIs of Shub in return for information). This wondrous technology earned them the contract for producing the new E-Class stardrive for all starships, a lucrative deal indeed. However, the Wolfes staged a major attack against the Campbells, effectively killing off the clan.
  • Wolfe - The head of the family is Jacob the heir is Valentine. Other major Wolfes include Jacob's other children, Daniel and Stephanie, and his young wife, Constance. The Wolfes succeeded the Campbells as the manufacturers of the E-Class stardrive and as Shub's human contact after their hostile takeover.
  • Shreck - The head of the family is Gregor the heir is ostensibly Evangeline. Other major Shrecks include Gregor's nephew, Toby, his niece, Clarissa, and his sister, Grace. The Shrecks are responsible for the production of starship hulls.
  • Deathstalker - The head of the family is Owen the heir is David (pronounced Dah-veed). Other major players include the clan's founder, Giles, and Arthur, Owen's father. One of the oldest Families in the Empire, the Deathstalkers battle cry is "Shandrakor," after the planet where Giles Deathstalker was supposedly slain. All Deathstalker males have a genetic augmentation called "the boost" which enables them to briefly augment their natural strength and speed. The onset of the boost in puberty tends to be deadly, so the Deathstalkers are traditionally a very small Family.

The Deathstalker clan has a connection to another fictional family, that of the vast Drood family in The Man With the Golden Torc and Daemons Are Forever. It appears that the Deathstalkers are direct descendants of the Droods although they seem unaware of this fact. It is unknown whether the Boost is one of the powers promised to the Droods by the strange matter, or whether it was developed independently.

  • SummerIsle - The head of the family is Roderick the heir is Kit. The SummerIsles are renowned for their swordsmanship.

Other clans include Silvestri, Skye, and Chojiro.

The underground

Espers and Elves

The Esper Underground is an organization of espers. Espers were often used as biological machines, indoctrinated from an early age to serve the Empire, with little or no free will of their own. Some had their brains removed to become esp-blockers, some went to feed Wormboy, and many of the remaining espers either functioned as telepaths, providing FTL communication to distant parts of the Empire, or battle-espers, who would use massive pyrokinetic and telekinetic abilities alongside the Imperial army in battle. The Esper Underground is led by a group (possibly) of mysterious psychic projections. Their true nature is not revealed until late in the series.

The Esper Liberation Front is a militant faction within the Esper Underground. Most elves (from "E.L.F.s"), as the members referred to themselves, had abilities rivaling those of battle-espers, and so were often somewhat insane. The elves were originally based on the airborne city of New Hope on Golgotha, but their facility there was raided by Dram shortly before the events of Deathstalker. Notable elves include:

  • Stevie Blue, a set of clone quadruplets who all are extreme pyromaniacs. All of them are eventually killed before they see the Iron Bitch dethroned.
  • Jenny Psycho (aka Diana Vertue), at one point the focus for the Mater Mundi, the collective psychic abilities of the entire human race, and possibly the strongest single esper in the Deathstalker universe. After the Mater Mundi left her she had every esper power. She is the only daughter of Captain John Silence (see above).

Another group associated with The Esper Underground are the Uber-Espers. Featuring mostly in the second half of the series, they have a complicated relationship with the E.L.F. The E.L.F. often treat the Uber-Espers with a mixture of awe, reverence, fear and jealousy over their immense powers. Each member of the Uber-Espers is a master of one specific form of psychic ability and is very powerful in other fields, but not to the degree of the member who specializes in that discipline. Their membership includes:

  • The Screaming Silence: An extremely obese woman who is completely naked except for various chains that cover her body and are embedded into her flesh to keep them in place. Her speciality is Sensory deprivation.
  • The Grey Train: An Esper who once had a body, but it has been lost long ago. Currently it appears as a grey ball shaped cloud the size of a human head, which sheds grey flakes that will fade from reality before the hit the ground, at times it appears to have a human face in the cloud. It is implied that The Grey Train is male and if "He" does not maintain "his" will focused on existing he will fold into nothingness. "His" speciality is Possession.
  • The Spider Harps: Two lovers who are always seated and are barely able to move. The Spider Harps have the tops of their heads missing, exposing their brains, which have grown all over them and where ever they abide as a giant spider web. By vibrating the web at low frequencies, the Spider Harps can cause migraines, paralysis and sickness in any person, baseline or Esper, the effect on aliens is unknown. At higher frequencies this could possibly kill anyone bar other Uber-Espers and any who have walked the Madness Maze. When contacting the Uber-Espers, it is most commonly through the 'Harps. Their speciality is solving problems using their expanded minds.
  • The Shatter Freak: A man whose body has been shatter into an infinite number of pieces and scattered throughout time, The Shatter Freak must keep focus at all times or become scattered across time and space. The Shatter Freak's appearance, whilst always changing is male and appears to be the same person in different stages of their life. The Shatter Freak's speciality is Telepathy.
  • Blue Hellfire: A tall woman wreathed eternally in flames, but coated in permafrost. Her specialty is pyrokinesis.
  • Alicia VomAcht Deathstalker: One of the first espers in history of Empire. A scientist and member of clan Deathstalker. She entered the Madness Maze with a group of espers, hoping to form a gestalt in which she would use to take over the Empire. The strain was to much for her, instead splitting herself into several different personas, the larger parts of her mind became the Uber-Espers, while the smaller portions scattered across time and space later the smaller parts would come together and form the Mater Mundi, Our Mother of all Souls. She later reconstitutes herself, only to have her mind trapped within the mind of the last Ecstatic named Joy.


The Clone Underground is composed of bioengineered duplicates of human beings as well as their friends and sympathizers. Bred by the empire as cheap labor and spare parts, they are generally viewed as non-human. Notable members include Evangeline Shreck and Stevie Blues.


The Cyberats are the functional equivalent of modern-day hackers. Specializing at interfering with the inner workings of computer programs, the Cyberats are associated with the underground due to their natural distrust of order and authority. Spending as much time as they do in the Imperial Matrix, the Cyberats are natural targets for co-opting by the AIs of Shub.

Other Groups

Blood Runners

The Blood Runners are a powerful sect that have set themselves apart from the rest of humanity in the Obeah Systems, a region of space far from the civilised core that is considered a no go area for anyone who values their life. They are described as tall, pale humanoids with red eyes, and they follow their calling with religious zeal, believing they can uncover the truth of existence by exploring human pain through mutilation and torture. Apparently able to utilise a similar teleport technology to Shub (see below), they are not averse to making deals that will deliver them fresh test subjects they are also prepared to go to any lengths to ensure these deals are kept, at one point kidnapping Hazel D'Ark in payment for a deal made by a former shipmate of hers.

It is eventually revealed in Deathstalker Destiny that the Blood Runners were exposed to the Madness Maze many centuries ago, and derive their power from a fragment they managed to take with them when they were driven from Haden. It is hinted that they had, however, been following their creed in secret for a long time prior to this. Prominent Blood Runners include Scour and Lament.


The Wampyr were another of the Empire's attempts to create the perfect soldier (cf Wolflings). Wampyr derived their superhuman abilities from a genetically engineered blood substitute that made them faster and stronger than any ordinary human. Unfortunately few Wampyr survived the Empire's attempt to use them against the Grendel aliens. At least one surviving Wampyr can be found on Mistworld.

Wampyr blood is highly addictive to humans, producing a similar effect on the body as in a Wampyr itself. Those dependent on the drug are known as Plasma Babies, and on Mistworld are the virtual slaves of their Wampyr master.

Groups active from book 6 - 8

Hellfire Club

A cult of hedonists, the Hellfire Club indulge in orgies, frequently take narcotics and will often murder for pleasure. On occasion members initiate hostage scenarios or political assassinations, always identifying themselves by dying their skin red and having horns implanted on their skulls to give the classic appearance of the Devil. However this is rare and only the lowest ranked members, the many hopefuls wishing to join and imitators will undertake these actions. More senior members of the cult prefer to scheme and manipulate through less direct means. Members included Francine "Frankie" Wolfe (AKA Treasure Mackenzie) and Tel Markham.

The Shadow Court

The Shadow Court are a loosely connected group of individuals who were formed sometime after the Iron Bitch's fall. To become a member one must prove noble ancestry. These claims however are tennous at best and only a few are truly noble blooded. It is considered the richest of the factions that trouble King Campbell. They seek to restore the Empire to its previous state, they treat the Empress with adoration similar to a religious figure. The Shadow Court consider the Campbells and the Deathstalkers to be class traitors for their roles in the coup.

The Desert Animals

Deserts are some of the harshest environments found in the world. Scorching temperature levels and water deficiency make it all but difficult for a lot of animals to live there. Deserts are places that don’t get much rain and are very dry.

They can be either hot places or cold places. Because deserts don’t have much water, animals that reside in the desert are able to conserve water and keep their body temperature at the right level. Here are a few well-known animals that reside in deserts.


Probably, camels are the very first image that comes to your mind when discussing wildlife in the Desert. They are essential for transportation, wool, milk, and meat. More importantly, camels are completely adapted to reside in harsh desert environments. The fat store hump is the most distinctive feature of camels.

There are both one-humped and two-humped camels. The camels likewise have the exceptional capability in the avoidance of water losses. They can stand up to up to 49 degrees Celsius without sweating. Therefore, camels avoid the loss of water in the form of evaporation.

The nose of camels has a big surface area with big turbinates. These turbinates save the body water by cools off the exhalant air. The blowing sands are one of the main troubles you need to deal with while moving across a desert. But for camels, it is not a problem. Since they have long eyelashes that secure against sand and severe sunlight.

2.Greater Roadrunner

Among the roadrunner body’s main methods to tackle water preservation is sure to simultaneously disgust and surprise the biologist. This animal uses water withdrawal and reabsorption from fecal waste. After consuming a meal, the roadrunner’s digestive system retrieves water from the bird’s feces as they sit in the excretory canals. Prior to removal, the water is withdrawn through this innovative, unappetizing, and peculiar physiological process, and only then the feces are expelled.

3.Deathstalker Scorpion

The deathstalker scorpion is one of the most poisonous animals discovered in scrublands and deserts. They have specialized adjustments to prosper in the hot desert land. The venom of the deathstalker scorpion is not deadly to a healthy adult human. But the sting is incredibly unpleasant and causes paralysis.

Even though the deathstalker scorpion features lots of adaptations, the regulation of metabolism is the most appreciable one. When the food is so scarce in the desert, the deathstalker scorpions will slow down their metabolism.

4.Skin-Drinking Desert Lizards

Scientific research study has shown that another, extremely ingenious, and biologically advanced approach of gathering water for internal rehydration has actually emerged amongst specific lizards. Through evaluation of Australian thorny devil and Texas horned lizard skin and scale structures, an unusual physiological adaptation has been discovered.

The skin of lizards prevents water loss and also keeps water from getting in through the skin, however, a novel method which lizard skin helps in accuracy water gathering has developed. Through this adaptation, the lizards are able to collect and then concentrate the water obtained from rainfall, damp sand, and swimming pools of water experienced on occasion.

5.Fennec Foxes

Fennec foxes populate the Saharan desert in Africa, where temperature levels average around 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Their big ears dispel heat by filtering blood through small capillaries in the thin ear tissue. Fennec Foxes have thick fur on the soles of their feet, which allows them to run over hot desert sand without pain.

While out and about during the night, fennec foxes delight in smaller desert animals, such as beetles and lizards.

6.Dung Beetles

There are numerous species of dung beetles, but most of them live in the deserts of Australia and Africa. Notoriously, these beetles feed solely on the dung of bigger animals. Though it may seem gross, consuming dung is a good choice for a little desert creature like a beetle. In the hot, dry desert, the wetness of any kind is hard to discover.

Dung contains moisture from the gut of the animal that expelled it. By consuming dung, they get all the advantages of the water found in by others without needing to do any of the work.

7.Desert Tortoise

The desert tortoise has a remarkable however strange physical adaptation that permits enhanced hydration management. This adaptation is available in the form of an extra-large bladder that can bring additional water.

In this specifically developed bladder, a desert tortoise can bring greater than 40 percent of its weight in urea, uric acid, nitrogen-based wastes, and water. With their thick rear legs and flatter front feet, desert tortoises have a much easier time strolling in the sand. Desert tortoises dig holes in the ground to catch rainwater before drinking and keeping the water in their bladders.

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