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Biophysics: knowledge of biology and physics improving people's lives

What is biophysics

Biophysics is a science that integrates biology studies with the scientific principles and methods of physics.

In this science, there is an exchange of knowledge between the two areas in order to create new fields of scientific research such as biomechanics (use of mechanical knowledge in biology).

Meet some biophysicists who have marked the history of this science and its discoveries:

- Luigi Galvani: discovered of bioelectricity.

- Hermann von Helmholtz: was the first to measure nerve impulses.

- Georg von Békésy: important studies and findings on the hearing of humans.

- Bernard Katz: unraveled the mechanism of operation of the synapses.

- Francis Crick: Discovered the structure of DNA.

- Max Perutz and John Kendrew: First researchers to develop protein crystallography techniques.