Number of RNA pol II molecules in a given human nucleus?

Number of RNA pol II molecules in a given human nucleus?

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Does anybody have any estimate on the number of RNA pol II molecules in the nucleus of a given human cell? For example, how many RNA polymerase type II protein complexes would there be on average at a given time in, say, a human immortalized lymphoblastoid cell line (LCL)?

it is highly variable even in a single cell type.

Dont know for a human cell but this is the range for ecoli: 1500-11400

check this site out. got this number from there (its quite useful for questions like these):

You can estimate protein copy numbers and there are techniques available for doing so. One of such techniques:

You can also calculate concentration using traditional techniques like western blot and elisa and calculate approximate copy-numbers (you have to also calculate average cell volume and number of cells for protein extraction.

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