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Black Beans: Potassium Rich Food

Which is

Potassium is a mineral of extreme importance for the proper functioning of the human body. It is found in many animal and plant foods.

Functions and importance in the human body:

- Acts in the balance and distribution of water in the body;

- acts on muscle relaxation;

- Acting in maintaining acid-base balance;

- Participates in the processes of regulation of neuromuscular activities.

Major health problems and diseases caused by lack of potassium in the body:

- Abdominal distension;

- Cramps (severe muscle pain);

- vomiting;

- Decreased reflexes;

- Dyspnea (also known as shortness of breath);

- Tingling sensation in the skin;

- dilation of the heart;

- Changes in heartbeat frequency (heart arrhythmia).

Major health problems and diseases caused by excess potassium in the body:

- heart disorders;

- Changes in muscle movements;

- Mental confusion.

It is found in the following sources:

- Black bean

- Butter bean

- Mushroom

- Spinach

- Silver banana

- apricot

- Tomato

- Avocado

- Blackberry

- Water Banana

- Carrot

- Cow milk

- Chicken's egg

- Green pepper


Potassium absorption by the body occurs in the small intestine. Potassium is excreted through sweat, urine and feces.