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Too little water and fiber hamper bowel function


Also known as constipation and "stuck bowel", constipation is a disease that causes difficulty in evacuating. People who have this problem usually do not have bowel regularity and may even go for days without bowel movement.

Knowing Constipation And Its Causes

This problem is usually caused in people who consume insufficient fiber and water. Another aggravating factor is physical inactivity, since physical activity helps in peristaltic movements (muscle activity) of the intestine.

Intestinal regularity is only adequate when the three factors mentioned above (water intake, fiber intake and physical activity) are met. If the individual adopts this habit, he or she will certainly benefit not only from bowel regularity but also from many other benefits to the body.

The daily consumption of processed foods, which, for the most part, are processed, negatively reflects on intestinal functioning, because during processing, in addition to some vitamins, fiber is also removed from the food. In short, the tendency to consume this type of food impairs the proper consumption of fiber.


Foods such as fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of fiber and micronutrients. In addition, whole grains such as brown rice, rye, oats, brown bread, wheat bran, flax seeds, among others, are also excellent sources of fibers.

In short, measures such as adequate water intake, high-fiber diet and physical activity help to regulate bowel function and bring numerous other health benefits.