What are leukoplasts

Question and Answer About Leukoplasts


What are leukoplasts and what are their main characteristics?


What are leukoplasts

They are organelles present in the cytoplasm of plant cells and also of some species of microorganisms.

Main characteristics and function of leukoplasts:

- They are colorless (colorless) because they have no pigments.

- Have the ability to reserve nutritive substances to the cell. Even that is its function in the plant cell.

- A common example of leukoplasts are amyloplasts (converted leukoplasts). These organelles have the function of storing starch. They are common in potatoes, for example, and also in other tubers and roots.

- They are located in the cells of the internal tissues of plants, ie those that are not exposed to sunlight.



Elaine Barbosa de Souza
Undergraduate student in Biological Sciences at Methodist University of São Paulo.

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