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Entomology: study of insects

What is it - biological definition

Entomology is the area of ​​zoology that studies insects. Entomology is a word originating from the Greek, where entomon means insect and logos corresponds to study.

Entomology is responsible for studying the physical, behavioral and reproductive characteristics of insects. It also studies the relationships of insects with other beings, including the human being.

It is a very important area of ​​study as it develops knowledge used for example in agriculture and human health.

The professional who works in Entomology, studying insects, is known as an entomologist or entomologist.

Main areas of entomology:

- Apiology - study of bees

- Coleopterology - study of the beetles

- Heteropterology - study of butterflies and moths

- Myrmecology - study of ants

- Orthopterology - study of grasshoppers and crickets

- Dipterology - study of flies and mosquitoes

Entomologist: the scientist who studies insects.