Molds and Molds

Molds and Molds

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Bread with mold (mildew)

What they are - definition

Molds, also called molds, are species of filamentous fungi that thrive on organic matter. These molds have the ability to decompose organic matter.

Main aspects and characteristics of molds and molds

A very common type of mold in our daily lives is the bread mold. Like most molds, bread mold has a cotton look.

Regarding the coloration, they can mainly assume greenish, bluish, reddish or whitish tones.

Dangerous molds

Some types of mold are harmful to human health, such as bread mold and other foods. This is because they spoil and rot the food. When eating a food (bread, fruit, vegetables, etc.) it is always important to check that it is not moldy. If so, the right thing is to throw the food in the trash.

Useful molds

There are also some species of mold that are useful to humans. We can cite as an example the molds of the genre penicillium. These molds serve for scientists as a basis for the production of antibiotics (penicillin), used to combat various types of diseases.

Some species of mold are so used in the manufacture of certain types of cheese.