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Bibliographic indication for the study of viruses

Bibliography - Books on Viruses:

Viruses and Men

Author: Montagnier, Luc

Publisher: Piaget Institute

Themes: Microbiology, Biology

Introduction to Human Virology

Author: Romanos, maria T. V and Others

Publisher: Guanabara

Themes: Microbiology, Biology, Infectious Diseases

Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi

Author: Rolland, Lawrence

Publisher: Piaget Institute

Themes: Microbiology, Biology

The man and the viruses


Publisher: Europa América-PT

Themes: Microbiology, Biology

Microbiology - Virology

Author: Davis, B

Publisher: Edart

Themes: Microbiology, Biology

The History of Humanity Told by Viruses

Author: Ujvari, Stefan C.

Publisher: Context

Themes: Microbiology, Biology, Medicine, History

Viruses, Mosquitoes and Modernity

Author: Lowy, Ilana

Publisher: Fiocruz

Themes: Microbiology, Biology, Health