Aquatic Ecosystems

Aquatic Ecosystems

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Aquatic Ecosystems: Diversity of Life

Introduction - Definition

Aquatic ecosystem is understood to mean all those that present a body of water as a biotope, such as seas, rivers, oceans, lakes, marshes, etc.

The best known types of aquatic ecosystems are: freshwater ecosystem and marine ecosystem.

What is Marine Ecosystem

They include oceans and seas mainly. Remember that life emerged and evolved in this ecosystem. The marine environment is very stable compared to terrestrial and freshwater habitats. Salinity (amount of salt in water) is around 3.5% and temperatures of marine currents vary little. Sunlight penetrates to 200 meters deep. These characteristics favor the development and maintenance of life in this ecosystem.

Freshwater Ecosystem

The quantity, variation and regularity of river waters are of paramount importance to the plants, animals and people living along its course. River fauna is comprised of amphibians, fish and a wide variety of aquatic invertebrate animals.

Rivers and their floodplains support diverse and valuable ecosystems, not only for the quality of freshwater for life support, but also for the many insects and plants that they maintain and form the basis of the food chain.