Rotavirus - Rotavirus

Rotavirus - Rotavirus

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Rotavirus (microscope image)

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Rotavirus is an infectious disease caused by the virus of the genus rotavirus. It most severely affects children under the age of five.


Its main symptoms are severe diarrhea, vomiting and high fever. In adults such symptoms may present more mildly.


Its transmission occurs through direct contact with the infected person, through ingestion of contaminated water, consumption of contaminated food, direct contact with contaminated objects and through contact with feces, since there is a high concentration of the virus that causes this disease in stool of the sick.

Rotavirus infection can be prevented by a few simple measures such as:

- Care of personal and domestic hygiene;

- wash hands before and after using the toilet, change diapers, breastfeed, handle food, handle dirty objects, touch animals, etc.

- administer the rotavirus vaccine (VORH) to children under 6 months;

- avoid early weaning, as breastfeeding increases the resistance of children;

- Wash and disinfect surfaces and utensils used in food preparation;

- ingest only filtered or treated water by boiling or applying 2.5% sodium hypochlorite for each liter of water (in this case, the water should be allowed to stand 30 minutes before use);

- Avoid the movement of pets and insects inside the kitchen;

- Do not ingest water from contaminated streams, rivers or wells, etc.


The treatment of this disease consists in rehydration of the patient. Simple measures to combat dehydration, such as the use of homemade serum, are very effective and can save lives. Dehydration is known to be the most serious symptom of intestinal infections caused by rotavirus.

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