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Polio Vaccination: Best Action Against Disease

Which is

Poliomyelitis, also known as Paralysis infantilis, is an infection that occurs through an RNA virus, known as poliovirus, which has three serotypes: I, II and III.

Disease Information

After settling in its host, the virus goes through an incubation period that can range from 2 to 30 days, but generally this period takes 7 to 12 days.


The transmission of this disease occurs through direct contact with feces (fecal route) or droplets expelled from the mouth of the infected person (orally).

Symptoms and manifestations

Poliomyelitis is an acute viral infectious disease, having as one of its characteristics, its different types of manifestation, such as fever without apparent cause, infections, aseptic meningitis, paralysis and death.

Despite all these forms of manifestation, its most common condition is paralysis that usually affects the lower limbs, and this usually appears suddenly, accompanied by fever, asymmetry, muscle laxity, conserved tenderness and sequelae after two months of the disease. disease onset.

There are still less common paralysis, which affect the respiratory and swallowing muscles, in this case there is a risk of death for the individual with this form of paralysis.

Both types of paralysis may present sequelae, which may be either paralytic sequelae, such as lower limb paralysis or even respiratory arrest due to respiratory muscle paralysis.

Prevention: the vaccine

The best way to prevent this disease is prevention through vaccination. The polio vaccine is VPO-Sabin and should be taken by all children and the first dose should be taken at 2 months, the second dose at 4 months, the third dose at 6 months, and after this period. a boost at 15 months.

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