Protozoan Diseases

Protozoan Diseases

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Trypanosoma cruzi: protoenter that causes Chagas disease


Many protozoa when they settle in the human body can cause disease. These protozoans can penetrate the human body in a variety of ways, such as body cuts, insect bites, contaminated food, etc. Many of these diseases are serious and if not properly treated can lead to death.

Major diseases, causative protozoa and forms of contagion

- Chagas disease: Trypanosoma cruzi.

Forms of Contagion / Infection: Insect bite known as "barber" (triatoma). The protozoan lives in the gut of this insect and passes to man at the time of the bite.

- Amoebiasis (amoebic dysentery): Entamoeba histolytica.

Forms of Contagion / Infection: Ingestion of water or food with the presence of amoeba.

- Malaria: protozoa of the genus Plasmodium

Forms of Contagion / Infection: Anopheles mosquito bite.

- Leishmaniasis (Bauru ulcer): protozoa of the genus Leishmania

Forms of Contagion / Infection: Mosquito bite phlebotomus.

- Balantidiosis: Balantidium coli

Forms of Contagion / Infection: Contaminated food or untreated and contaminated water, contact with pig feces. This protozoan lives in the intestines of pigs.

- Trichonomiasis: Trichomonas vaginalis

Forms of Contagion / Infection: through condomless sexual contact, unhygienic public toilets, and contaminated towels.

- Toxoplasmosis: Toxoplasma gondii

Forms of Contagion / Infection: Contact with feces of sick domestic animals (mainly cat).

- Giardiasis: Giardia Lamblia

Forms of Contagion / Infection: Contact with feces of people infected with protozoan.