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Vibrio Cholerae: Causer of Cholera (Microscope Image)

Which is

Cholera is a disease caused by a microorganism whose name is Vibrio cholerae. Choleric vibrium is a bacterium that has the ability to multiply at a great rate within the human gut.

Knowing the disease

This bacterium causes strong fermentation reactions in the digestive system and releases a potent toxin "triggering" of severe diarrhea.


His infection occurs primarily through water and food contaminated by Vibrio cholerae, this after ingested, multiplies rapidly in the small intestine.


The main symptoms of this disease are diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain and chills. It causes a huge loss of water, which consequently generates intense dehydration and risk of death, especially in children.

Most affected regions

Unfortunately, this disease affects the population of countries without effective public health measures, such as countries in South America, Africa, tropical Asia and India.

Prevention Measures:

- Seek to adopt measures that improve hygiene conditions at home and also in the workplace.

- Do not forget basic care of personal hygiene such as washing your hands after using the bathroom.

- Wash the fruits and vegetables under running water and soak them in water with lemon (1 lemon for each liter) or chlorine (10 drops for 1 liter of water).

- Only drink filtered or boiled water.

- Avoid direct contact with flood water and flooding, as this can bring, besides cholera, other diseases such as leptospirosis, hepatitis, etc.

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