Osteoporosis - Porous Bones

Osteoporosis - Porous Bones

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Normal bone (left) and with osteoporosis (right)

Which is

Osteoporosis is a disease that decreases bone mass to such an extent that bones begin to fracture spontaneously in common daily activities, such as sitting fast, which can lead to a hip fracture. .

Characteristics and causes of the disease

In addition to fractures, it causes the vertebrae to shrink, shorten stature, sore bones, and hump back.

This disease occurs mainly during the normal aging process, affecting women more often since they have less massive bones compared to men.

Another factor that makes women more susceptible to this disease is the very sharp drop in estrogen they suffer during menopause.

The sharp drop in this hormone causes the bones to absorb less calcium than is needed for their balance and maintenance, making them porous, and consequently extremely fragile.

Osteoporosis progresses slowly and hardly presents symptoms. Because of its silent feature, it can go completely unnoticed if no tests are performed to detect it.

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