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Asthma: Airway Disease

What is asthma?

Whenever we think of people suffering from asthma, the first thing that comes to mind is a great difficulty that this individual feels in breathing, due to some kind of "impediment" that occurs in their respiratory system.

Because asthma is an inflammatory disease, whose main characteristic is to hinder and even prevent the passage of air in the airways, it is a disease that causes much suffering to its carriers.

Main Causes

This disease is related to bronchial mucosa edema, marked mucus production in the airways and contraction of its smooth muscles. These characteristics lead to a decrease in its diameter, also known as bronchospasm.

Decreased airway diameter is usually reversible, however, in cases of chronic asthma, inflammation can lead to irreversible obstruction.


The main means of diagnosing this disease is still the clinical one. Its treatment is performed through guidelines and medication aimed at improving airflow at the time of crisis.

IMPORTANT: The information on this page is only a source for research and school work. Therefore, they should not be used for medical advice. To do so, see a doctor for guidance and proper treatment.