Vegetable Vacuole

Vegetable Vacuole

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Plant vacuole: large pouch present in the cytoplasm (blue in the image)

What is vegetable vacuole

The vacuole is a large space present in the plant cell. In this space, which is a kind of bag, there is an aqueous fluid known as cell juice.

The vacuoles are located in the cytoplasm of the cell.

Function in plants

Like other cell organelles, vacuoles also play an important role in cell function. In addition to acting as a reservoir of substances, they also regulate the water changes that occur in the osmosis process.

The vacuole is also responsible for maintaining hydrostatic pressure within the plant cell.


- The vacuole is also present in some animal cells, but they are much smaller than the plant cell. A common example is fat cells that have fat vacuoles.