Botany Course

Botany Course

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Botany Courses

Botany Courses in Brazil

Botany Institute of the State of São Paulo

Address: Miguel Stéfano Street, 3687, Água Funda, Sao Paulo-SP

Courses offered: Gardening, Graduate, among others.

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Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden Research Institute

Address: 1008 Botanical Garden Street - Rio de Janeiro-RJ

Courses Offered: Postgraduate, Extension

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Postgraduate Program in Biological Sciences (Botany) - National Museum - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Address: Quinta da Boa Vista - Sao Cristovao, RJ

Courses offered: Master and Doctorate

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USP Institute of Biosciences

Address: 277 Matão Street - University City, Sao Paulo-SP

Courses Offered: Postgraduate in Botany

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Unicamp Institute of Biology

Address: Unicamp University City - Monteiro Lobato Street, 255 - Campinas

Courses Offered: Postgraduate in Plant Biology

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Botany and Plant Science (distance learning) - Bircham International University

Address: Av. United States, 258 - Aracajú

Courses offered: Botany and Plant Science Course (Distance learning)

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General Botany Online Course (distance learning)

Address: Website address below

Courses offered: General Botany

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