Examples of Angiosperm Plants

Examples of Angiosperm Plants

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Agapanto and Acanto-Greek: examples of angiosperms

Introduction (what they are)

Angiosperms are fruit-producing plants whose main function is to protect seeds. Most plants in the world are angiosperm (there are between 250,000 and 300,000 species). They can be monocotyledonous or dicotyledonous. The reproductive organs of angiosperms are called flowers.


- Greek Acanthus (acanthus mollis)

- Together red (aphelandra longiflora)

- Coral Shrimp (aphelandra tetragon)

- Silver Ruélia (varleria albostellata)

- Crossandra (crossandra infundibuliformis)

- Goat Flower (dyschoriste thumbergiflora)

- Blue salver (eranthemum pulchellum)

- mosaic plant (fittonia albivenis)

- Ivy Rock (alternate hemigraphis)

- Red Jacobin (brazilian justice)

- Farroupilha (floribunda justicia)

- Macaia (mackaya bella)

- Blood drop (ruellia brevifolia)

- Velvet plant (ruellia makoyana)

- Sanquezia (sanchezia oblonga)

- Black eye (thunbergia alata)

- Laurotino (viburnum tinus)

- Sun Rose (aptenia cordifolia)

- Hyacinth (alstroemeria caryophyllaea)

- Tampala (amaranthus tricolor)

- Rooster Crest (celosia cristata)

- Agapanto (agapanthus africanus)

- Belladonna Lily (amaryllis belladona)

- Clivia (clivia miniata)

- Desert Rose (adenium obesum)

- Cauldron (nerium oleander)

- venezuela jasmine (pudica plumeria)

- Flower-Star (stapelia hirsuta)

- Pendant Vinca (major vinca)

- Holly (ilex aquifolium)

- Lasia (spinosa lasia)

- Magnolia (virginian magnolia)