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Lemongrass: example of monocotyledonea

What are

They are plants (angiosperms) that have only one cotyledon in the seed. Cotyledons are the initial leaves of plant embryos.

Main characteristics of monocotyledons:

- Presence of only one cotyledon in the seed.

- Invaginating leaves with presence of parallel ribs.

- Trimera flowers (composed of three elements) or multiple.

- The fruits have three stores (or multiple).

- The internal structure of the stem is marked by the presence of scattered vascular bundles.

- The root system (roots) is fasciculated, ie, wig-shaped.

Examples of monocotyledonous plants:

- Bamboo

- Grass

- corn

- Sugar cane

- Palm Trees

- Babassu

- Onion

- Ginger

- Lily

- Bromeliads

- Orchids

- Grass