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Fern: Example of Monilophyte Plant

What are monilophyte plants

Monilophytes, also known as ferns, are vascular terrestrial plants (they have specialized tissues: phloem and xylem).

Main features of monilophytes:

- They are vascular.

- They have no seeds.

- Leaves with presence of secondary ribs.

- Develop in places with humidity and good light.

Examples of monilophyte species (popular names):

- Parsley Fern

- Creeper Fern

- Portuguese lace (rabbit's foot fern)

- Fern (fern)

- French lace (davalia-ball)

- Giant Horsetail

- Horsetail

- Swallow's Fern (Fishtail)

- Yellow Fern

- Curly Fern

- Paulista Fern (cattail)

- Giant Fern

- Grasses-fern

- Bird's Nest Creeper

- Marsh Giant Fern

- American avenca

- Avenca-delta

- Giant Avenca

- Silver Fern

Did you know?

- There are about one thousand species of monilophyte plants in Brazil. Many of them are widely used in gardens or as decorative plants in homes.