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Stem: sap support and transport

What is (definition)

Stem is a plant organ that is responsible for supporting the tree tops and transporting the elaborate and raw sap produced by the plants from the roots to the leaves.

The stem has a cylindrical body and is formed by several layers of various types of tissues.

Main features of stem:

- Grows against the force of gravity (geotropism);

- Presents nodes that are inserted in the leaves and buds of plants;

- The stems have buds from which the knots, leaves, branches and flowers are born.

- The meristem is a plant tissue responsible for stem growth.

Types of plant stems:

- Air (direct contact with air in the atmosphere): can be creeping, erect and climbing.

- Underground (under ground): can be tubers, rhizomes and bulbs.

- Aquatic (develop in water, absorbing it through the epidermis).