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Immunology: Science that studies the immune system

What is (definition)

Immunology is a science, branch of biology, which studies the immune system, which is responsible for the defense of the organism of cellular beings against external elements (viruses, bacteria, parasites, allergic agents, etc.).

The main topics studied by Immunology are:

- Functioning of the immune system of beings;

- How the immune system reacts to external elements;

- Ways to strengthen the immune system (vaccines, medicines, food);

- Causes of weakened immune system;

- immune system disorders;

- Physiological and chemical characteristics of the immune system;

- Allergies and the immune system of individuals;

- The forms of action of the immune system in combating the invading elements of the body;

- immune system defense cells (lymphocytes and phagocytes);

- Production, actions and functions of antibodies in the immune system.