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Growth Hormone - GH

Growth Hormone - GH

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GH: acts on human growth

Introduction (what it is)

GH (growth hormone) stimulates the epiphyseal disc and periosteum during the growth phase. It is produced until the age of twenty-one. After this age, its production drops dramatically.

Knowing GH (main features)

This hormone is also anabolic, stimulates lipolysis (slimming) and acts restoratively within our bodies.

To understand a little more about its performance within our body, let's think about lipolysis and lipogenesis.

When the body produces insulin, it stimulates lipogenesis. The more sugar is ingested, the more insulin is generated, and consequently less growth hormone is produced.

Because our body produces the hormone GH only at night, carbohydrate consumption a few hours before bed is not adequate because it stimulates insulin production, which in turn inhibits the production process of carbohydrate. GH.


When the human body produces too much GH, it can cause a disease known as gigantism.