Diseases Caused by Virus

Diseases Caused by Virus

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Avian Influenza Virus: Microscope Image

Virus installation and proliferation

Each type of virus has affinity for a particular part of our body, for example, the polio virus has affinity for the central nervous system, the influenza, the airways, and so on.

This “affinity” will be the determining factor of the virus's location and proliferation. The first symptoms of viral infection will only appear some time after its reproduction.

This waiting time between infection and the onset of the first signs of the disease is known as the incubation period; however, it does not occur the same for all types of viruses.

The case of the flu virus

In the case of the influenza virus, the incubation period takes around 24 hours, while for the hepatitis virus, the incubation period may take several months.

Unlike bacteria, the virus cannot be attacked directly. The destruction of the virus is quite problematic as they settle and reproduce within our own cells. So as we try to destroy them, we damage our cells.

Other diseases caused by viruses

There are several diseases caused by viruses, the best known are:

- Smallpox- Chickenpox (chicken pox) - Herpes zoster- Herpes simplex- Measles- Rubella- Influenza- Virus- Rage- Poliomyelitis- Infectious hepatitis- AIDS- Acuminate condyloma (rooster crest)

- Smallpox

- Chickenpox (chicken pox)

- Herpes Zoster

- Herpes Simplex

- Measles

- Rubella

- The flu

- Viruses

- Rage

- Poliomyelitis

- Infectious hepatitis


- Condyloma acuminata (rooster crest)