How to quantify the “stability” of a protein complex?

How to quantify the “stability” of a protein complex?

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From experiment we've identified a subset of known mammalian protein complexes as interesting (approximately 50 CORUM complexes). We'd like to do an enrichment-style analysis to know more about them. One question I have is whether these complexes are particularly stable, since stable complexes should be biased towards detection. However, I don't have a chemistry or molecular biology background, so I don't know how to approach finding the stability of a protein complex.

Given a list of proteins in a complex, are there any conventional, in silico ways to estimate the stability of that protein complex? If not, have people published numbers for the stability of well-known complexes?

Edit: I'm okay being vague about the definition of "stability" since I'll be satisfied with an answer that uses any definition of it.

Edit: This question is answered on biostars.

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